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My "Other" Life

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

I have another life. Well, I used to think of it as my “other” life, as if my professional world and my personal life were somehow parallel tracks that never intersected. But today, more than ever, my two worlds are increasingly intertwined.

My other life is as a research analyst in the human capital management (HCM) technology and services market. Yeah, nobody else knows what that is either. One day when a friend’s son (seven years old at the time) and I were talking about work, he asked me what I did for a living. I thought about it and replied, “I ask people questions, and then I use math to find out how many people do certain things, and then I write about it.” Which was pretty accurate, and fairly understandable. I looked at him expectantly, waiting for his reaction. He looked back and said, “Math and science? That sounds awful!”

Luckily, I like my job. I like it so much I’ve created my own business from it. I recently launched, where you can learn about my research into topics like payroll and workforce management technology, diversity and inclusion strategies, and employee engagement practices. You can also read about the advisory work I do helping companies make decisions about their workforce. And about the speaking I do at conferences and events on topics ranging from technology to innovation to personal leadership.

If you’re an employee, a manager, a leader, or an HR pro, I hope you’ll find some insights into your life at work through my research and blog about my “other” life. And of course, there are many more updates coming here at The Unshakable Optimist. We’ve got “Parkinson’s Awareness Month” coming up in April, and oh yes, brain surgery. But we’ll get to all that. For now, enjoy my new post, The Future of Work.

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